Lessons & Workshops


Bill is well regarded as an outstanding teacher who generously shares his love of music with students of all ages. He teaches acoustic guitar, both fingerstyle and flat picking, and mandolin.

Bill works successfully with all levels of students -- from beginning students who are just starting out, to seasoned performers who are ready to add advanced techniques to their repertoire.

Bill is called up to lead workshops and instructional jam sessions at festivals and music camps across the country. He can customize workshop topics to the level and musical theme of the event, including bluegrass, old-time, and Celtic.

As an instructional jam session leader, Bill welcomes players to beginning and intermediate sessions. He teaches basic chord progressions (one-four-five), helping the participants gain a feel for they way songs are structured. Students learn to anticipate chord changes and play back up, even on songs they haven't played before. Bill helps everyone build confidence before venturing out to jam on their own. 

Contact Bill Cagley directly to discuss your festival/music camp instructional needs:
Bill Cagley, bcagley@comcast.net651-636-9542